Our Approach

We believe that sustainable change can only be achieved through a genuine understanding of the real issues facing organizations. We consult by working collaboratively with our clients, involving them in creating and developing a participative process to bring about real change.

Our consultancy practice is based on the view that organizations are not ‘things’ which can be known objectively by detached observers. We see organizations as social processes in which everyone, including consultants, is a participant. Hence we focus on how people interact, the forms which conversations take, the emergent patterns and dynamics and the interplay of persistence and change. We engage with our clients in a process of inquiry; we help leaders articulate and convey their strategic intentions; and we encourage staff to take initiatives and help organizations mobilize their innovative potential. This will involve challenging some of the constraints, such as routine and habitual ways of working, or unexamined rules and assumptions, or excessive power differentials which inhibit the emergence of creative experimentation and induce risk aversion.

We work with our clients as partners and with each other as a team. Our advice and solutions are shaped by each client’s unique needs and business context, and are designed to ensure that clients get the best return on their HR spending. We balance employer and employee advocacy in providing objective, expert guidance.

Our consultancy ‘expertise’ lies in working with the social processes in an organization rather than in imposing pre-formed methods and solutions on the organization.